Fresh from the printer! The second edition of Ride with me Amsterdam. With revised design, updated content and 3 new interviews (ea DJ Joost van Bellen, and the new Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam Katelijne Boerma) Ride with me Barcelona and Ride with me NYC (the new edition) will follow SOON xxx

“A wonderful illustrated guide to the cafes, canals and cycle tracks of one of my favorite places on earth.”

– Chris Bruntlett, co-author of Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality

“This book opens your eyes, you don’t just look at the city, you see it. Ride with me Amsterdam inspires even the seasoned local to go on an adventure!”

Marc Kruyswijk, Het Parool

RIDE WITH ME city cycling guides are full-color, all-sensory explorations of the city, inspired by the buildings, people, and stories you’ll discover on the way. The routes in the book are illustrated recipes for city adventures – with the best local tips for coffee, art, nature, beer and bars.  RIDE WITH ME shows visitors/expats the city’s cycling culture and urban environment, taking them way beyond the usual highlights. For locals, the book is an invitation to explore, and look further, finding adventure around the corner.

“From the old port of Amsterdam to the bustling new neighborhoods, along rivers and dikes, through green fields and parks. From the North to the South from the East to the West, and beyond. Here’s to the best coffee, art, food, beers and bars to discover on the way. Riding shoulder to shoulder with all those beautifully rough, sweet, tongue-in-cheek Amsterdam people. Off I go, on my bike. I feel so free, Amsterdam. Ride with me!”
Ride with me Amsterdam is a tribute to life in the city of bikes. An invitation for visitors to explore the whole city and beyond, and a challenge to the locals to find adventure around the corner. The book contains:

– How to ride in Amsterdam (without getting yelled at)
– 8 routes with stops, dinner/drink tips + close-ups
– 14 portraits and stories of Amsterdammers and their bike
– Escape on two-wheels – tips for trips out of town
– Many illustrations and photos by the author & friends
– Background info about the history of cycling in Amsterdam

About the author

Roos Stallinga grew up cycling everywhere (like a normal Dutch kid) and never thinking twice about it. Until she moved to New York City in 2002, where she kept on using the bicycle to get from A to B, and as a tool to discover the city. Roos would take visiting friends on bike rides to Brooklyn, and describe her adventures in letters – with drawings and pictures. These were the ingredients for the first guide, Ride with me NYC.

With a background in psychology and art, Roos is capturing the essence of neighborhoods and the local culture. Sharing what it feels like to experience the city from a bike. The goal for RIDE WITH ME is to travel the world, sharing these experiences and insights. Here’s to a future in which people use the bike as an optimal means to explore, and get around, in every city.