Private bike tour through Amsterdam with Roos



I’ll take you on a two-wheeled adventure, exploring Amsterdam in the best and most local way there is: on a bike. We will ride by famous Amsterdam highlights, and also go backstage, taking small streets with true local scenery. On the way, we will have plenty of time to stop and take pictures, sample the best local coffee (or beer), and enjoy some good conversation. To me getting to know any city happens through connecting with its people and places – something which I love to provide!

You will learn the written and unwritten rules of riding a bike in Amsterdam, and just flow through the city, enjoying enough space and greenery to make it a relaxing and inspiring experience. As a long time local and bike guide writer + artist I can give tailor made tips on where to go for lunch/dinner, art and nature. Complementary to the tour you will receive a signed copy of my book Ride with me Amsterdam, the local biking guide.

This tour will take about 3 hours. I only do small groups 1-4 people.

Looking forward to meet and ride with you !