Ride with me Amsterdam




Ride with me is a full-color, all-sensory exploration of Amsterdam. A two-wheeled affair inspired by the buildings, streets, people, businesses, initiatives and stories you’ll discover as you make your way through the city. 

The book contains:  

  • How to ride in Amsterdam (without getting yelled at)
  • 8 routes with stops, dinner/drink tips + close-ups
  • 12 portraits and stories of Amsterdammers and their bike
  • Escape on two-wheels – tips for trips out of town
  • many illustrations, photos and artworks
  • background info about the history of cycling in Amsterdam

Next to HERE, the book is now for sale in the following shops, and can be ordered in most other book stores, and online through Bol.com.

  • American Book Center (Amsterdam)
  • Linnaeus Boekhandel (Amsterdam)
  • Athenaeum (Amsterdam)
  • Pied a terre (Amsterdam)
  • Scheltema (Amsterdam)
  • Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam)
  • Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam)
  • Island Bookstore (Amsterdam)
  • MENDO (Amsterdam)
  • De Vries boeken (Haarlem)
  • Blokker boekhandel (Heemstede)
  • & more…



Ride with me Amsterdam

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